How To Make a WordPress Website (or Blog) at SiteGround Tutorial - 2019

Did you buy an awesome idea for a blog or website?

Now you want to get started on because you’ve heard it’s where all the pros do their business, but you aren’t sure how to get started?

Congrats, WordPress is the #1 CMS for any blog or website and this is the SiteGround Tutorial for WordPress built for you!

Watch as we register a domain (or you can use a domain you already own) get 67% off at SiteGround, setup your account, login and install WordPress, then finally login to WordPress where we learn how to setup a beautiful WordPress theme and make basic changes.

It’s how so many have done it before you – a truly flawless gameplan. You got this!

Let me know any questions on YouTube – no question goes unanswered here!

As usual everything here is made easier for beginners! 🙂

  • Tools Used: A computer with hi-speed internet
  • Difficulty: Easy / Beginner
  • Time to Complete: Less than 3 hours